Sri Srinivasan Verified Researcher

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Sri Srinivasan completed her PhD in Prostate cancer genetics and molecular biology at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in June 2017. She then received an Advanced Queensland Research Fellowship in April 2017 to pursue as Early Career Researcher at QUT in partnership with Queensland Health (Pathology) and the Translation Research Institute, Brisbane. In 2017, Sri was awarded the finalist for prestigious Women In Technology (WiT) Life Sciences Young Achiever Award and has received many awards including travel grants and opportunities to present her research at International conferences. Sri’s research focuses on understanding the biological impact of prostate cancer risk associated germline variants in prostate cancer predisposition and development; and how the germline variants may have a clinical impact on the clinically measured protein levels in blood. Sri co-authored publications in high impact factor journals such as Nature Genetics, Cancer Discovery, Nature Communications among others.