Marianna Volpert Verified Researcher

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Dr. Volpert obtained her honours degree in molecular biology in 2009 from the University of Melbourne, where she investigated the regulation of cation permeability of the TRPV1 ion channel. She undertook her PhD as part of a collaboration between Prof. Peter McIntyre (Molecular Biology Laboratory, University of Melbourne), Prof. Moira O'Bryan (Male Infertility & Germ Cell Biology Laboratory, Monash University) and Dr. Luc Furic (Prostate Cancer Research Group, Monash University). Dr. Volpert’s PhD work focussed on the role of CRISP3 in prostate cancer progression, identifying CRISP3 as a strong promoter of tumour invasion. On the basis of her PhD work, she was awarded the Sydney Parker Smith Postdoctoral Research Fellowship from the Cancer Council Victoria in 2014, to continue her research into the mechanism of CRISP3-mediated tumourigenesis. In 2015, she joined the Hollier Laboratory at the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre QLD to investigate the role of Neuropilin 1 in promoting prostate cancer metastasis and radiation therapy resistance.