Juan Pablo Torres Verified Researcher

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Juan Pablo Torres joined the University of Queensland as postdoctoral research fellow in 2016. His major research theme is the numerical modelling and prediction of the mechanical behaviour and failure of novel engineering materials. These include: novel hybrid composite structures for aerospace and civil applications, natural fibre reinforced composites and engineering polymers and rubbers. Juan’s research has a strong focus on the implementation of Finite Element analysis, advanced material constitutive modelling, probabilistic design methodologies and optimization algorithms. Juan also works on the development of optical measurement strategies using Digital Image Correlation (DIC) for the experimental determination of deformation and failure of engineering parts and components. During his PhD studies in Argentina, Juan was awarded an Australian Government Endeavour Award to conduct research at the University of Queensland. He has also been awarded a European Comission Eurotango award to conduct research at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia in Spain and the Johannes Kepler Universität in Austria.