Unveiling Mysteries of the Ageing Brain: A Solution for Healthier Ageing.

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According to the projection by the Australian Bureau of Statistic, the population of people aged over 65 years old will grow twice as fast as the total population by 2031 and the number of aged people will exceed the number of children. Dementia, memory loss, intensive care, and housing options are just some of the issues, which are experienced by the aged population. This necessitates fundamental, holistic research to explore the mechanisms driving cognitive, emotional, and social changes in ageing, which has been my long-lasting passion. My PhD findings overturned an accepted understanding in the ageing research about how older adults process emotional and social processes. I have been promoting neuroscientific research among the elderly population in Queensland by translating my findings into policies and therapy programs, which will help to reduce the risk of adverse impacts of ageing and encourage independence for our older citizens.

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Maryam Ghahramani
10 months ago

Brilliant! sounds like a great research. Maybe we should team up one day and do some work together :)

Maryam Ziaei
10 months ago

Thank you, would love to!

Nadia Golenkova
9 months ago

Good luck Maryam! The work you do is so important.

Olga Golenkova
9 months ago

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Alireza Salmachi
9 months ago

Good luck Maryam! You truly run interesting and useful research...

Natalie Ebner
9 months ago

Best wishes -- I support your work fully!

Libby Flynn
9 months ago

Best of luck Maryam!

Rachell man
4 months ago

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I received my Master of Psychological Science from Iran and my PhD in Neuroscience from School of Psychology, the University of Queensland. I am currently a UQ career development fellow at the Cent...

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