Malaria Drug Discovery - A small cog in a large wheel!

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Malaria is one of the world’s most significant infectious disease. While there exist improvements in the number of cases and deaths due to malaria, in 2016 the World-Health-Organisation reported an estimated 400.000 deaths, many of whom are young children. There is no widely effective malaria vaccine available and malaria parasite drug resistance is a major concern. The reason why multi-pronged approaches are required to prevent and treat malaria to achieve its eradication! The aim of my research is to discover mechanisms that the malaria parasite depends on to reproduce. My project combines biological and chemical approaches in order to better understand how the malaria parasite grows, and how we can use this information to develop new drugs which will permanently and safely destroy the parasite in the human body. With improving the common methods in malaria research I try to make an impact in the big wheel Malaria Drug Discovery!


Kathy Andrews
11 months ago

Well done Eva!

Johana Tello Velasquez
11 months ago

Really well done Eva!!!!! Good luck!!!!:)

Maria Nguyen
11 months ago

Good luck Eva!! :)

Ally Mott
11 months ago

Woohoo voted. Good luck Eva! X

Thomas Kurz
11 months ago

Great performance & good luck Eva

Larissa Ohlig
11 months ago

Fantastic Eva :) !!

Julia Gottstein
11 months ago

Hört sich gut an. Viel Erfolg!! :)

Andrina van Dijk
11 months ago

Good Luck

Ahmed Negm
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Jasmin Bartl
11 months ago

Crossing fingers!!

Hayley Banack
11 months ago

Good Luck!

Miaomiao Liu
11 months ago

Great video!

Patrik Niesobski
11 months ago

świetnie i imponujący!

Tom Mander
11 months ago

Good luck with your valuable ongoing research Eva into this debilitating disease that affects so many of our fellow human beings in less well off parts of the world. With the commitment and dedication you bring to your research the chances of making a breakthrough can only be strengthened!

Ehsan Eftekhari
11 months ago

Good Luck

Vish Fernando
10 months ago

Good luck Eva! ❤️

Meg Goodfellow
10 months ago

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The Bachelor and Master of Science in biochemistry at the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf provided the foundation of my commencement as a PhD student in drug discovery under Katherine Andre...

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