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1. Please provide a short summary of your research, project or technology.

Despite all the advanced technologies we can access today, the human brain remains a far better computing device than any machine ever made by humans. Using its billions of neurons, the human brain generates and stores our thoughts, emotions, sensations and memories. These neurons interact using a special language of electric pulses, which we struggle to understand. My research aims to understand the language of neurons by combining techniques from mathematics, statistics, computer science, physics and biology. Understanding how populations of neurons converse will help us understand how the normal brain functions, and more importantly, intervene and control neuronal conversations in the abnormal brain. Becoming fluent in this neuronal language will also allow us develop devices that can be controlled by the brain to replace damaged body parts such as amputated limbs, enhance artificial intelligence, and build the powerful brain-inspired computing devices of the future.

2. Additional Details

BrisScience, Queensland State Library: Public Lecture on Artificial Intelligence (with Professor Geoff Goodhill, Queensland Brain Institute). 

Is your brain smarter than a computer? Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made great advances in the past few years. Many of these advances depend on algorithms that were originally inspired by how your brain works. However, in many important ways you are still much smarter than any AI algorithm yet designed. 


An article in the Australasian Science magazine communicating my results published in a scientific journal (Current Biology) to the general public and high school students. The article shows how early-life experience impacts our brain development, perception and behaviour.



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Lilach is a Computational Neuroscientist with the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) at the University of Queensland. She investigates how our brain processes information in order to understand no...

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